Database Expertise

Our expertise lies in being able to work with any source of real life data around the world. These include:

Electronic Medical Records (EMRs)

We have the ability to support recruitment, outcomes, cluster randomisation, linkage to questionnaire, and rare and new drug prescribing.

We support countries on a global level:


We have worked with various registries such as the:

  • initiative Helping Asthma in Real-life Patients (iHARP)
    iHARP is an international initiative that includes patient- and healthcare provider-reported questionnaires from eight countries, namely the UK, Netherlands, Italy, Spain, Australia, Sweden, France and Norway.
  • International Severe Asthma Registry (ISAR)
    The International Severe Asthma Registry (ISAR) is a global collaborative initiative to gather anonymous longitudinal real-life data for patients with severe asthma from over 14 countries (including Spain, USA, Ireland, UK, Italy, Denmark, Japan, Australia, France and Greece) to conduct research. ISAR will offer a rich source of real-life data for scientific research to understand and improve symptoms, treatments and patient outcomes for severe asthma. The database will also provide an international platform for research collaboration in respiratory medicine.
  • COPD control registry

Prospective Observational Data

We have experience conducting studies using prospective observational data from databases such as the Optimum Patient Care Research Database (OPCRD) and the Clinical Practice Research Datalink (CPRD).

Pragmatic Trial Design and Delivery

We have experience designing and delivering high impact pragmatic trials which have been published in journals such as The New England Journal of Medicine and The Lancet Respiratory Medicine.

Below are some of our featured projects: