In a new academic initiative, partnering with several Universities, a national CoVID-19 quality improvement programme and unique research database is being launched. The quality improvement programme starts with improving data quality.

Patients are asked to complete a questionnaire on their current health, CoVID-19 symptoms, tests and outcomes which will update the records. Patients will also be pre-consented to be approached for future research.


Current research has not been able to capture the true impact of this disease, as it is confounded by the many people who are self-isolating as well as those who are unable to get tested due to lack of available resources. With the use of questionnaires linked to data from health records, this innovative platform links all the necessary information together and provides a more complete picture of the CoVID-19 pandemic in the UK.

The database will be used to answer a range of epidemiological, therapeutic and shielding research questions utilising current routine data combined from questionnaires and the primary care records. Projects are in the pipeline to identify the at-risk groups and how they compare to existing NHS guidance on shielding; to determine whether existing therapies protect from or augment the damage from Covid-19.”

Jones RC, Julious S, Ryan D, Appiageyi F, Price D. BMJ 2020;370:m2860

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