COVID-19 Quality Improvement Programme for Primary Care

COVID-19 Quality Improvement Programme for Primary Care

New COVID-19 quality improvement programme available to GP practices across the United Kingdom

  • First-of-its-kind quality improvement programme to exclusively focus on Covid-19 and the management of chronic conditions in the context of a pandemic
  • Designed for GPs by practicing and academic GP’s – Data contributes to large COVID-19 knowledge database with full approval for information governance and IT security

A new quality improvement programme has been created to help general practitioners approach patient care post-lockdown and during local flare ups or a second wave. The programme will be free for adoption by all GP practices across the United Kingdom.


Developed and funded by the social enterprise Optimum Patient Care, this unique programme will be supported by a consortium of leading universities to deliver quality improvement and research through the combination of electronic healthcare records (EHR) with patient reported information/outcomes.


Dr Dermot Ryan, an experienced health researcher from the University of Edinburgh and GP who has currently returned to practice to support patient care during the pandemic said “The impact of COVID-19 caught us unawares the first-time round. This is our opportunity to prepare for the second wave, so that we are not overwhelmed and are able to provide adequate care to patients. Participating in this programme will increase the ability of GP practices to be prepared. Planning and preparation is vital to combating COVID-19.” 


GP practices contributing to the program will be supported to:


  • Collect data securely via remote access from their clinical systems
  • Distribute an online COVID-19 questionnaire through SMS text requests to their patients aged over 18 years
  • Identify and manage people requiring support with mental and general health concerns


Dr Katherine Hickman, GP and Clinical Lead for Respiratory for NHS Leeds CCG said:

“There is so much we still do not know about Covid-19 and we are learning new things about it as every week passes. This is why I have encouraged the adoption of this novel Covid-19 quality improvement programme in my practice so that we are informed in how we develop future management pathways and continue to support our ongoing learning through substantive primary care data’’

Scientists from the Observational & Pragmatic Research Institute (OPRI) and a consortium of universities will work with the resultant anonymous database to conduct urgently needed research relevant to primary care that will directly improve the care of patients within the community.

Professor David Price, Managing Director of the Observational & Pragmatic Research Institute said:

“Accurate real-world data is essential at this stage in the pandemic. It is essential that we invest in the development of a primary care focused platform that can aid the efficient delivery of observational research, clinical trials, and vaccine dissemination. The platform will support our patient needs today and in the future.”

To contribute, please register your interest at:
E:   T: 01223967855

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Together we can fight COVID-19 and keep patients safe.

About Optimum Patient Care:

Optimum Patient Care Ltd (OPC), specializes in delivering medical research and services to improve diagnosis, treatment, and care of chronic diseases within primary care and specialist practices, and has provided clinical services and supported real-life research for over 15 years. OPC drives a vision for inclusion of real-life data into all aspects of medical research while informing the translation of research into daily clinical practice via new technologies and clinical services. In the UK, OPC has established one of the largest primary care databases, called the Optimum Patient Care Research Database (OPCRD) which holds over ten million anonymized electronic health records from patients in over 750 primary care practices.


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About Observational & Pragmatic Research Institute: Observational & Pragmatic Research Institute (OPRI) is an independent research institute distinguished in building and accessing global data sources to drive change in clinical practice around the world. OPRI delivers the real-world evidence through observational and pragmatic research which is required to improve patient lives. By collaborating with world-renowned clinical, academic and industry partners OPRI has published over 500 publications and is considered a dynamic and progressive company at the forefront of advances in global healthcare.


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