Our team, based in the UK and Singapore, evaluate real world data across a range of therapeutic areas from existing data sources in Europe, Asia and USA. This provides clients with a better understanding of the burden of disease, effectiveness or safety of pharmacological products and the impact of patient and environmental factors. With academic groundings in the respiratory field, our client base now includes pharmaceutical companies, governmental and charitable institutions.

Within our collaborative network of companies, including Optimum Patient Care, OPC Global and Cambridge Research Support, we analyse large scale clinical databases and conduct pragmatic clinical studies with the aim of:

  • Improving clinical care in chronic respiratory disease
  • Setting and improving research methods and standards
  • Nurturing international research collaborations.

The successful candidate will work within a multidisciplinary team consisting of researchers, epidemiologists, medical experts, medical writers and other statisticians. This is a fantastic opportunity to work with large-scale electronic health record databases and conduct pragmatic clinical studies across a range of therapeutic areas. You can view the Observational & Pragmatic Research Institute Profile on CV-library