Our Solutions to Your Challenges
OPRI is your academic collaborator with established clinical partnerships

We enable healthcare providers and policy makers to identify ways to improve patient diagnosis and treatment, and implement cost-effective treatment strategies.

We analyse the evidence from long-term effects of medical treatments and interventions, as well as their interactions with other drugs and treatments.

We examine the real-life effectiveness of current medical practice and different disease management strategies on patient outcomes, and identify gaps that need to be addressed.

We provide insight into real world patients, by:

  • Undertaking risk prediction studies that research different patient risk profiles and enable primary care providers to better identify high risk patients, and
  • Observing treatment effectiveness in real world patients
We deliver end-to-end research support and high-quality, complete data sets:

Protocol Adaptation
Adaptation of approved US protocols to Asian clinical practices. Key elements that are unique to Asian populations, such as the impact of high exposure to biomass smoke in Asian domestic environments, will also be integrated.
eCRF and Ethics Approval
Development and customization of Asia-specific eCRFs and ethics approval documents by OPRI researchers.
On-site Support
On-site registry support by OPRI’s local and bilingual researchers to guideline standard (e.g. ICH GCP), on approvals, patient recruitment and data collection to ensure data quality and completeness.
Data Monitoring and Security
Registry data security implementation as advised by OPRI IT teams.
Data Dissemination
Data updates and dissemination via physical (e.g. conference posters, journal publications) and digital routes (e.g. email updates) by OPRI medical communications teams.
Enduring Partnerships
OPRI takes pride in the long-term relationships established with healthcare partners and pharmaceutical companies.

We enable pharmaceutical companies to build trust with the community following launch and ensures continual regulatory compliance, by conducting and publishing, ongoing innovative, observational research.