How well are we addressing the needs of patients in real life?

We provide the solution through pragmatic trials and observational studies

While RCTs offer internal validity, pragmatic trials complement RCTs by providing great external validity and investigating the effectiveness of an intervention (i.e. drug or device) in real life.

Takes into account real life factors such as comorbidities, concomitant treatments, adherence, patient technique, patient management strategies, access to care, socio-economic status and others.

Provides insight into the long-term effectiveness and safety of new interventions and identifies adverse effects of drugs, unlike RCTs which are run over a short duration.

Studies a wider range of patients due to less specific and more inclusive study criteria. The outcomes are more broadly generalisable than RCTs and the results more readily applicable to routine clinical practice.

Measures outcomes with a patient-centred approach. This ensures the most effective and efficient treatments are being provided to the relevant patient populations.