Are you looking for a unique and exciting role? Does supporting world class research and improving lives of patients excite you? Here at Optimum Patient Care, we are looking for a highly motivated and dynamic member for our database team.

Optimum Patient Care has been supporting chronic disease management and research in primary care for over 12 years. Optimum Patient Care is a social enterprise focused on providing free services to GP surgeries including Clinical Review Services and IG-compliant data extractions for research use. Optimum Patient Care owns one of the largest anonymised electronic health record databases in the world for research use, OPCRD, holding electronic health data of over 600 practices and over 3.5 million patients.

Optimum Patient Care is part of a collaborative network of companies, including Observational and Pragmatic Research Institute, OPC Global and Cambridge Research Support. With academic groundings in the respiratory field, our client base now includes pharmaceutical companies, governmental and charitable institutions. We analyse large scale clinical databases and conduct pragmatic clinical studies with the aim of:

  • Improving clinical care in chronic diseases
  • Setting and improving research methods and standards
  • Nurturing international research collaborations

Our continued growth means we are looking for a data analyst to expand our database team in Oakington (Cambridgeshire, UK), Singapore and Brisbane (Australia).

Key Responsibilities Include:

  • Interpret data, analyse results using statistical techniques and provide ongoing reports, identify, analyse and interpret trends or patterns in complex datasets
  • Provide researchers and clients with datasets and support with the interpretation and query resolution concerning datasets
  • Support the OPC service with data requirements for clinical studies, working closely with management to prioritise business and information needs
  • Advising external researchers, clients and service users on the database(s) and its capabilities
  • Importing data into OPC database(s) while developing data collection systems and other strategies that allow the integration of primary and secondary data sources, optimising statistical efficiency and data quality
  • Support the company with database querying and reporting, using a data warehouse design, structured query language (SQL) and data visualization techniques
  • Support maintenance of data dictionaries by revising and entering definitions, assuring that the documentation is kept up-to-date.
  • Support with key indicators to ensure data remains consistent across the database(s) and undertake quality checks involving filtering and cleaning data assuring ongoing high standards of data quality on all of company database(s)
  • Maintaining data standards, including compliance with the Data Protection Act, information governance and company policies

Job Type:

This role is based in one of our offices located in Oakington (Cambridgeshire, UK), Singapore or Brisbane (Australia).

Full-time, part-time and remote working arrangements will be considered.


£25-34K/year, salary is depending prior experience

Applications can be made with a CV and covering letter.